Dear Members,

Due to the measurements taken by the government against the Covid-19 virus the University is closed for the coming weeks. For S.G. Daedalus this will have several implications;
All “real life” activities before the 3rd of june are canceled.
The StudIO is closed until further notice.
However, to keep up the good mood we will host several online activities which will be announced in the coming weeks!

We hope that this situation will end soon. The news is starting to show some positive numbers!

Lastly we would advise everyone to follow the guidelines from the government and the university. And we wish all of you good luck with your online studies!

Keep safe,

The 19th Board of S.G. Daedalus

The first Daedalus Podcast “The Icarus Idea” is out now!

Hey everyone! It is finally time! The first episode of Daedalus’ very own podcast about Industrial Design Engineering: The Icarus Idea is online. Our first guest is Roy Damgrave. He will tell us all about Virtual Reality, also beautyfilters and cannibalistic ducks are touched upon. You want this in your ears! We hope you all enjoy it. You can find it on:


Please leave a comment on Youtube, give us feedback in person, or send it to: We are very curious what you think and how we can improve to make this the ultimate Podcast!

Hello world!

Ohmaigotzz! It’s finally happening! You’re now looking at the new website of S.G. Daedalus. Get used to it.