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Designer of the Month

Followers of the S.G. Daedalus Instagram account have had the opportunity to vote for their favourite design that has been posted on the InspiratIOn_Board Instagram page. The creation which has been voted on the most now has won a spot on the news feed, right where you are here! Therefore, we are excited to announce the very first Designers of the Month: Lieve Heres and Falco Weel with their magazine stand! You can read more about it below:


The first project is one which is soon to be seen in the StudIO! Lieve Heres and Falco Weel together designed a magazine stand for the InDepth, the magazine of S.G. Daedalus. Below, you can read how they designed it! 


“When I joined the committee for our magazine, InDepth, I found out a lot of people didn’t know about it’s existence. When I suggested we made a stand to go in the StudIO, I was asked to do it.

I got to work coming up with a design I liked and bought all the necessary materials. Together with a friend of mine from ME we got to work to weld, grind and paint to put it all together.

It was really fun to do and it was nice to see how much you improve after just one day.

I hope it can soon stand in the StudIO in all it’s glory.”


– Lieve Heres and Falco Weel




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