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Designer of the Month – May

Welcome to the Designer of the Month of the month May! Thijmen has been busy with designing lots of things, so you can expect more from him later on the Instagram account @InspiratIOn_Daedalus! Make sure to follow the Instagram page so that you won’t miss the voting process for Designer of the Month. If you would like to participate in the InspiratIOn board yourself, don’t hesitate to send a message to secretary@daedalus.utwente.nl or by sending a direct message to the Instagram account of @InspiratIOn_Daedalus. For now, you can enjoy reading about his project of creating a wooden katana he designed a little while ago.


“This wooden katana was one of the many corona-lockdown projects I had on my list during that time. I remember seeing a video by ILikeToMakeStuff and thinking “hey, I have all of the tools that he uses. I can make this myself!” and after gathering some materials for it (which I had laying around) I went ahead and built it, using the video as a guideline.


I wanted to give myself a challenge as well so I did a herringbone pattern with two types of wood for the handle, coupled with some special wood (I forgot what type of wood, it was 4 years ago forgive me) for the top and bottom of the handle. The wood has some hints of red and purple to it with a really nice grain pattern.


The herringbone pattern was made with beech wood that was from the crib that I laid in when I was a baby, and walnut wood. Which together makes some really nice contrast, if I do say so myself. There were holes in the walnut wood so I filled that up with epoxy to get an even surface.


The blade itself is made from scrap mahogany hardwood and the guard is made of scrap oakwood.”


– Thijmen Berteler

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