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Industrial Design Engineering Master

After completing the broadly-based Bachelor’s programme, you can progress to the Industrial Design Engineering Master’s programme. In this course you can improve your skills in a number of different specializations. You can do this at the University of Twente or at other Dutch or foreign universities. The Master’s programme lasts two years and is entirely in English. If you take the Master’s programme in Industrial Design Engineering, you can choose between a set of specializations, listed below.


Emerging Technology Design

ETD is the most technical track of Industrial Design Engineering. This mastertrack is focused on teaching students how to introduce new technologies into the consumer market, instead of introducing a technology for a single specific product. The goal is to decrease the distance between the research environment and the industry and market. The track has its own sub-tracks, namely:

  • Biomedical Product Design
  • Smart Environment and Virtual Reality
  • Sustainable Technology for Product Development
  • Product and Surfaces
  • Advanced Materials Engineering
  • Structural Dynamics, Acoustics and Control
  • Other technologies and overall coördination

Mastertrack coördinator: Emile van der Heide

Human Technology Relations

Industrial Design Engineering teaches students to make technology available for users. In HTR this is done by focusing on the exploration and design of products that serve the problems and aspirations of people on an individual, social or societal level. In HTR, students learn to design the connection between people and technology from a people-oriented perspective.

Mastertrack coordinator: Wouter Eggink

Management of Product Development

MoPD is the track that focuses on the managing aspects of Industrial Design Engineering. In MoPD, you are trained to improve development cycles as a whole, integrate expertise from all domains and fields in product development and emanate from actually doing product design and development. This track offers the student the possibility to analyse, develop, implement and evaluate generic working methods, but also to elaborate them in a selected area of product development.

Mastertrack coordinator: dr. ir. Eric Lutters

More information

For more information, please go to the website of the Industrial Design Engineering Master’s programme (in English) at the University of Twente. For further information on Master’s programmes at the University of Twente, please visit the general Master’s website.