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S.G. Daedalus Blog

Welcome on the blog page of S.G. Daedalus, here you can find a collection of stories related to S.G. Daedalus!

Symposium Celebrate the Future

On the 5th of October, the symposium committee of S.G. Daedalus organizes the symposium “Celebrate the Future” at the University of Twente. Theme After undergoing a worldwide pandemic, everyone is trying to innovate and be ahead of their competitors. From the smaller businesses trying to optimize their workplace, using more sustainable products and trying to […]

Alumni Story: Annemieke

Annemieke lives in Weesp and has two children. She is currently working at Wunderman Thompson, which is a creative agency, consultancy and technology company. Next to this she likes to keep herself busy with all kinds of creative things like making things together with her children. Annemieke was part of the first group of IDE students […]

ET Faculty Council

The ET Faculty Council is known! Since only 5 people signed up and 5 seats are available no vote took place and they where automatically elected. The student representatives for 1-09-2021 till 01-09-2022 are: Alexander Jansen (IDE) Maarten Verboom (CE) Nick van Nijen (CE) Caitlin Reichardt (ME) Koen Geurtsen (ME)   The staff representatives for […]

Broaden your Horizons days

To encourage students to explore the field of IDE and introduce them to different design philosophies and styles, the Broaden your Horizon days will be organized throughout the year by the board. The Broaden your Horizon days aim to make students aware that they can have an impact on their environment and the world with […]

Symposium: Enjoy the Ride

  Although the Covid-19 situation there will be a symposium on the 24th of March!  Sign up at https://forms.gle/8hDymjgoZK3hiGnG9 The symposium will be held online via “Hopin”. The program layout mirrors that of lecture halls and business fairs in the online environment. You can “Hop” in, and out of talks or “mini” lectures as if […]

Alumni Story: Mark

Mark is 30 years old and is currently working at Elli, which is a group at Volkswagen. Elli is assigned to ensure people buying an electric car form Volkswagen will be able to charge it conveniently everywhere in Europe. Whether it is with a charging station at home or at a charging station at a […]

IDE Business Fair 2020

IDE Business Fair 2020 On the 16th of December the IDE Business Fair 2020 will take place. Due to Covid-19, the fair will take place online, but it will be just as interesting and fun as in real life! Below you can find more information about the companies that are attending. The fair will take […]

How is the InDepth contributing to sustainability?

There are a lot of things that are a part of sustainability. One of them is waste. To improve the sustainability of our life, we should try to produce less waste, because this is better for environment, and also allows for more efficient material use. Within Daedalus, one of the things that is offered, is […]

Alumni Story: Tim van der Heide

Tim van der Heide started his study Industrial Design at the University of Twente in 2008 and finished in 2012. Tim was a member of Daedalus while studying. However, he was not an active member and did not participate in any committees. A year later, he began his Industrial Design master at the Technical University […]

The Sustainable Design Weeks

  During these 2 weeks we will host multiple events all on the topic of sustainable design! Sustainability is becoming an ever more important topic. Students are closely related to this topic and play an important role in the future of sustainability. They need to be aware that sustainability will be a crucial factor and […]