Broaden your Horizons days

To encourage students to explore the field of IDE and introduce them to different design philosophies and styles, the Broaden your Horizon days will be organized throughout the year by the board. The Broaden your Horizon days aim to make students aware that they can have an impact on their environment and the world with their work because IDE students are the designers of the future. This will be done through themed lunch lectures, activities and by providing information on the subject. Every module there will be two days in the theme of one design philosophy or style, so four themes will be discussed in total this year.


Chaotic/Extraordinary design

The first theme is chaotic/extraordinary design. During these theme days, the goal is to get the students’ wildest creativity flowing and stimulate them to really think outside the box. The first activity for this theme is a pub quiz. The second activity is a ‘creation realization’. The board will give a theme that will be defined before the activity. The theme will give the participants the possibility to realize one of their crazy ideas and think outside of the box. If desired, their creation can be realized with a 3d printer.


Programming design

During these theme days the students get to know a more technical side of IDE. There are a lot of career possibilities in UI/UX design. Therefore it is beneficial for IDE students to develop more skills in this field as well. Through these theme days, the students will gain more knowledge on programming and UI/UX design alike.


Marketing design

Marketing around design: During these theme days, the students will learn about the marketing that comes with design. In the bachelor program there are not many links to it. Although industrial design is mainly about the design, the marketing can make a design concept whole. It is good to explore this as well as the technical and creative aspects of design.


Sustainable design

Sustainable designs: During these theme days, the students will be familiarized with more sustainable design alternatives, which helps in creating a healthier world. The activities planned for this theme consist of a lunch lecture and an event where students can build their own sustainable ecosystem, this will be in the form of a terrarium. For this, jars of recycled glass will be used.