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Industrial Design is focussed on the development of products and solving design problems in general. Industrial Designers from the University of Twente are widely educated: not only do they have knowledge of visualizing a product, but have the necessary technical knowledge. They also have knowledge of production systems and they know how to make the most important calculations that play a role in front-end design, where ergonomics and the interaction between people and products are of great importance. Industrial Designers know how to work together in projects, can respond to the wishes of consumers and are strong in generating new ideas and communicating them.

Below is a small overview of sponsorship and the association. For a better understanding it is useful to contact the Officer of External Affairs of the association at external@daedalus.utwente.nl


Lunch Lectures

A lunch lecture is an ideal way to present your company to our students of Industrial Design Engineering. For the lecture you will receive approximately 45 minutes of time exclusive the time reserved for questions. Here you can give an explanation about your company and the overlap with the study. In addition, it is the ideal opportunity to talk about a current project that inspires the students and provides a good insight into your company. Next to that there are more sponsoring opportunities.

Overview of the sponsoring opportunities in 1 page


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