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Industrial Design Center

The Industrial Design Center offers companies the opportunity to get to know and work with Industrial Design in a professional manner.

The IDC is intended to stimulate initiatives in the field of Industrial Design, for the purpose of mutual collaboration, research, knowledge transfer and supervision of product development with related processes.

The IDC can mediate in many areas. For example, in finding answers to development issues, finding a suitable design agency and strengthening your network. 

With IDC you can get to know other people within the field of industrial design and other related fields and IDC is committed to sharing professional knowledge and promoting innovations. The IDC promotes collaboration and knowledge transfer between designers, business and educational institutions.


IDC Design meetings

The IDC also organises the IDC Design meetings, where you can get a look behind the scenes of a company and the following questions are answered.

  • What issues does the company face?
  • Which inspiring production processes and materials are used?
  • How were the innovations created and applied?
  • How have the market opportunities been seized?

The IDC Design meetings are free for IDC members. Every year +/- 10 Design meetings are organized.


Promoting collaboration and innovations

The IDC fosters collaboration and drive innovation through:

  • Initiating subsidy processes
  • Initiating knowledge transfer from educational institutions to companies and vice versa
  • Connecting students and companies
  • Linking companies

For more information: https://www.idcenter.nl/

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