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How is the InDepth contributing to sustainability?

There are a lot of things that are a part of sustainability. One of them is waste. To improve the sustainability of our life, we should try to produce less waste, because this is better for environment, and also allows for more efficient material use. Within Daedalus, one of the things that is offered, is an InDepth issue three times a year. This also means that three times a year, a lot of magazines are printed to be distributed among all the students and alumni. With everything becoming more and more digital, we have decided it is time for a change within the InDepth. Therefore, we are now trying to find different ways of adjusting the format of the InDepth. One idea is to make the physical magazine smaller, and offer more information, like longer articles, online. This could be done by removing pages from the physical issue, but also by actually reducing the size of the pages to for example A5. By doing so, we will reduce the total amount of waste that is created by the InDepth, since less material is needed to create them. Going online would also mean we can offer a lot more interactive and live information. While these ideas have not yet completely been thought out and implemented, we are hoping to improve the InDepht to make it even more entertaining for people to read.

We have also brought out an InDepth issue with the theme Waste, namely issue 1 from year 3, which came out in September 2018. Here, we talk about how the ocean is filled with plastic, how Mr. Trash Wheel was created to negate such pollution, and one article even focusses on Sustainable Design. If you are looking for something interesting to read, go and grab any issue of the InDepth!


Sabine Peters


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