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Bond 3D

About Bond3D
Bond High Performance 3D technologies BV, operating out of Enschede, the Netherlands, and founded in 2014, is driving innovation in the field of 3D printing.

Bond3D has developed a unique additive manufacturing technology for production of functional, strong and leak tight products in certified PEEK. With our patented process we can produce unique and complex parts with short lead times. Please contact Bond3D to find out how we can help you develop high performance products.

Bond3D prints with Victrex 450G PEEK, which has excellence properties in terms of strength, chemical resistance, wear, heat resistance and post-processability.
It is certified for use in the aerospace, medical and food industry. For more information, please contact Bond3D.

High performance polymers
– High strength
– Low weight
– Flame extinguising
– Chemical resistivity
– Temperature range
– Bio compatible

3D printing
– Short lead time
– Low initial costs
– Internal structures
– Complex structures
– Low waste
– Individualisation

End-To-End Servivce Provider
– Concept
– Analysis
– Design
– Prototype and testing
– Production

Bond3D’s additive manufacturing technology is designed to print various high performance polymers.

If you have any questions regarding the way of printing & testing or what
Bond3D could do for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

+31 (0)88 2663100

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