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23 November 2021

Career event

* the program and participating companies will be updated



The IDE Showcase is an event for IDE students and companies and everyone that is in the field of IDE. How often do you get the question: what do you do with your study Industrial Design Engineering? Of course the best thing you can do is show it!



The main aim for this event is that different groups, that are involved in the field of IDE, get in contact with each other in a fun and engaging way. Besides that it will give a boost to the social networks, emerging opportunities and exploration of the world of IDE, for everyone attending.

We want to give our students the opportunity to come in contact with companies and give them a place where they can present their projects. Companies get the opportunity to see these projects and come in contact with IDE students and learn what the study IDE is about.



The showcase is the reverse of a normal company fair. Students show their work and get a place on the showcase to present it. Company representatives and other students can walk around the showcase and see the work of the presenting students. That is how we want to show what the study IDE  is about and meet new people.



14:00 Walk-in 

14:15 Begin IDE Showcase market

16:30 Network drink

18:00 Closing


How can you take part?

  • Students

If you want to join, fill out this form https://forms.gle/WebCve4JwxYGBkjk9. When you participate in the event you also get to print 20 business cards to hand out during the event or future endeavors for free. You can also print posters on the costs of Daedalus.


  • Company

For participation in the IDE Showcase we don’t ask for sponsoring money, because we want to give as many companies as possible the opportunity to get acquainted with the study IDE. We only ask for a company logo to put on the website page.

If you are interested in participating or want to receive more information, please feel free to contact Katinka. 


Contact information

20th board S.G. Daedalus – Katinka van der Spek

Email: external@daedalus.utwente.nl

Phone number: +31(0)53 489 44 39 or +31(0)6 18 47 14 84


Location: At the University of Twente